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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Are you wanting to spark the imagination of the audience at your next event?

Are you a member of a community organization looking for new insights and perspectives?

Are you a corporate leader looking for ways to align your employees with your mission?

Are you a health organization looking for ways to empower and support your clients’ health and wellbeing?

Beth Wickman is an intuitive Life Coach, teaching the Law of Attraction and the Art of Deliberate Creation.  As a speaker, blogger and personal coach, she is passionate about helping individuals and organizations fulfill their true purpose and passion.  She gets to the bottom line by teaching people to think in new ways that open the universe of possibilities.

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Popular topics include:

  • Tapping Into the Mind-Body Connection – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Power Thinking for Parents on the Ledge
  • Power Thinking for Raising Your Bottom Line
  • Are Money Mastery and Life Mastery the Same Thing?
  • Mastering the Law of Attraction and the Art of Deliberate Creation
  • Power Thinking for Women of Faith

Plus, my 4-Hour Workshop:  The Elephant in the Bedroom, Boardroom, Schoolroom and Sanctuary – Releasing the Cultural Mindset that Keeps You Stuck

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Speaker’s Bio:

Intuitive Life Coach Beth Wickman has a unique talent for getting down to the B.S. (the unconscious Belief System) that keeps people stuck and struggling. Known as The Current Coach, she teaches people how to navigate the currents of life with ease, grace and joy. Clients throughout North America appreciate Beth’s treasure chest of tools and techniques that help them turn on the lights, clear out the cobwebs and get in the driver’s seat. You’re already a Powerful Creator. Why not create the life you really want? Get your inner resources working for you. From there, life flows.