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What is Life Coaching?

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What is Life Coaching?


What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

Life Coaching is a relatively new profession that has evolved to address needs not met through traditional counseling, therapy, consulting, advice giving or mentorship.  Coaching clients are generally healthy people who take responsibility for their lives, and find themselves having difficulty moving their lives forward.  Coaching clients are generally experiencing a life transition or feeling stuck, and want the support needed to achieve their desired state quickly and easily.

The purpose of the Life Coach is to act as a mirror to the client.  The perspective of the Life Coach is that the client already has the answers within them, but these answers are out of reach often times due to cultural conditioning or a lack of self-awareness.  The Life Coach guides the client through a series of questions and exercises that allow the client to explore and recognize their current state, and to make new choices that support the creation of their desired state.  The focus of coaching is always to empower the client to find their own answers and motivations within themselves.

Like most professions, Life Coaches come in a wide variety of specialties, focusing on everything from romance, weight loss, money mastery and career advancement, to parenting, creative expression, health and wellbeing, and spiritual connection.  Beth Wickman – The Current Coach specializes in helping her clients identify and develop the unconscious thinking patterns that produce the physical and material results we all experience in life every day.  

stuck-box-small-shrunk-e1451580935733Her philosophy is that presenting symptoms (such as indebtedness, relationship issues, poor health, etc.) are simply expressions of the unconscious belief system. By exploring the beliefs as well as the behaviors around the symptoms, the client is better able to dissolve not only the presenting issue, but to also bring greater balance to their life as a whole.  From there, the client is empowered to operate at a higher level of self-awareness and self-actualization, and can therefore more easily address new issues as life presents them.  This is where the client becomes the Deliberate Creator of the life they truly desire.

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How long will it take to see results?

Nothing happens until consciousness moves – anonymous

Transformation is a process that takes time, and the bottom line is that how long it takes is entirely up to you.

monach-caterpillar-shrunk-e1451513399822Something to ask yourself: How long did it take you to get where you are today?

The great news is that, while it took you a lifetime to get where you are today, it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to get where you want to go.

Ask yourself:  If you needed life-saving surgery, would you find a way to make it happen?  If you need to learn new skills to advance your career, would you find a way to make it happen?

How committed are you to living the full and purposeful life you are created to live?

What makes the difference?  Clients make the most rapid progress when:

  • They are ready to make their own growth, purpose and happiness a priority
  • They recognize that it takes a skilled observer to help them remove their blind spots quickly
  • They are willing to rearrange their life (time, effort, resources) to support their goals
  • They keep their appointments and do their homework consistently
  • They understand that they are the driver of their life, and they are committed to mastering it

In the grand scheme of your life, how long is it OK to stay where you are?  If you’re still where you are today next year or five years from now, is that OK with you?

If it’s not, is a 10 week or 6 month investment worth it to change the whole trajectory of your life?  What would it be like to live your dream life now?

The truth is that you are a Powerful Creator.  Are you creating what you really want?

What is your intention for your life?  Your clear intentions are the signal the universe is waiting for to make everything line up to make it happen.


The sooner you make the commitment to invest in yourself, the sooner you can make manifest the life your heart knows you are meant to live.  How fast you get there is up to you.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

Beth Wickman – The Current Coach focuses her teaching around the concept of the Law of Attraction and the Art of Deliberate Creation.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Principle that has been taught since the beginning of time.  It states that

  • Like Attracts Like
  • What You Focus on Expands

From a scientific perspective, Quantum Physics has proven that our thoughts and emotions vibrate, and are magnetic.  What this all boils down to is that we attract, draw to us, or resonate with people, circumstances and opportunities that vibrate at the same frequency as our own thoughts and emotions.  The more we think about or focus on something, the stronger our vibration on that topic becomes, and the more magnetic we become to others who vibrate at the same frequency.

You may have been taught that circumstance is all about coincidence, serendipity or luck.  But really it’s science.  

Popular culture has boiled it down to positive thinking.  And truth be told, that’s part of it.  But often times we find positive thinking doesn’t get us what we think we want, and so we conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, doesn’t work for us, or we choose not to “believe” in it.


But the Law of Attraction works consistently for everyone, every day, whether you believe in it or not.  In that respect, it’s like gravity.  And like gravity, the more you understand how it works, the more you can do amazing things, like fly airplanes and rocket ships.

So here’s the real deal about the Law of Attraction.  It doesn’t matter what your conscious mind believes or thinks about.  It’s your unconscious belief system and thinking patterns that produce your vibration, and draw to you other things of like vibration.  And chances are, you don’t have a clue what’s going on there in your unconscious mind.

That’s where Beth comes in.  Her goal is to teach you how your unconscious mind, your brain and your body all work together to produce the results you experience in life every day.  She’ll teach you how to recognize your own unconscious beliefs and habitual thinking patterns, and then will help you “reprogram” your mind to be in alignment with the results you really want to experience.  This is where you become the Deliberate Creator of the life you really want.

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Happiness Guarantee

Part of the job of your Life Coach is to hold you accountable for your commitments.  When you make a commitment to work with Beth, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement that lays out the roles and responsibilities for each of you.

Included in that agreement is a payment policy that requires you to pay for your sessions up front.  So whether you’re investing in a 5, 10 or 24 session package, or a single followup session, paying at the time of booking helps you accomplish several things:

  • It demonstrates to you and to your coach that you are committed to your personal growth
  • It motivates you to show up for your appointments
  • It motivates you to make the most of your investment by doing the work to grow yourself
  • It demonstrates your respect for the value of your time and your coach’s time

And before you’re expected to make any investment, you’re invited to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session where you and your coach get to know one another, and you can get all of the answers you need to ensure that a coaching relationship with Beth will truly help you achieve your goals.

But let’s be real.

Sometimes life happens.  Sometimes you discover that you’re really not that committed to your goals. Sometimes you discover that you and your coach are really not a good fit for one another.

Whatever the reason, here’s the Current Coach Happiness Guarantee:


When you purchase a multiple session package:  If after attending a minimum of 3 sessions you desire to discontinue your coaching relationship, simply notify your coach in writing and the unused portion of your fee will be promptly refunded to you.

Beth’s goal is to surprise and delight you with the insight you need to become the person who lives the life of your dreams.  

Realistically, it usually takes a few sessions to get oriented and get into the flow of how your sessions are benefiting you.  You are invited each session to communicate with your coach on what your needs are and how Beth can best meet those needs.  And if you’ve given it your best shot and you honestly feel it’s not the right thing for you, no harm done.

When you submit your request for a refund, you will be asked to provide feedback on how Beth can improve her services for future clients.  You will receive your refund upon receipt of this feedback.


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