About Beth Wickman


You can have whatever you’re willing to BE – Marianne Williamson

If you’re not living the life you really want, you’re not being the person you are created to be.

I learned how to be the Deliberate Creator of the life I’m called to live.  And now it’s my passion to help you do the same.

Here’s why:

2015-Headshot-cropped-shrunkMy life looked great on paper.

I grew up in a traditional, conservative home, and did my best to follow the wisdom and guidance of my family, teachers and community leaders.  I focused on things like working hard, keeping my nose clean, saving my pennies, giving back, doing my homework and making the right, logical choices.  And I created what most people on the planet would call a pretty darn good life.

Only the wild success and deep satisfaction I was hoping for never materialized.


As time passed, I found myself feeling more and more like a square peg in a round hole. My ideas at work never quite hit the mark.  My relationships at home were difficult.  I could never quite find that place of abundance and contentment.  And my health was showing signs of strain.  So I figured that I needed to work harder.  I read every book I could on how to “fix” myself.  And I got more of the same results.

Then one day the word “alignment” came into my life.  And as I explored what this concept meant, I learned that there was one thing missing from my life – Me!

Looking back, I realized that my upbringing and cultural guidance was all about doing – what do I want to do with my life?

Not once did anyone ask me who I wanted to be.

And I discovered that my life was totally out of alignment with who I am, and the true potentiality of who I am created to be.

With that realization my life started to shift quickly in new and amazing ways.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change
– Wayne Dyer

As it turns out, who you are being is what makes the difference.  And when you are being who you are designed and gifted to be, the struggle falls away and life begins to flow with ease, grace and joy.


And it gets totally fun!

Does that mean that you have to give up your whole life and live like a monk in a cave?


What I learned is that small changes have big impacts.  For me, what that looks like is…

  • I learned to honor and respect myself and others by negotiating new ways of interacting, and letting unhealthy relationships go so that healthy relationships can come in
  • I created deeply satisfying relationships with my spouse and my child by focusing on the value of who I am, and teaching them to do the same
  • I connected with my true passion by applying the skills and gifts I used in the corporate world to create a non-profit that helps homeless young adults get into alignment with their own value and goals
  • I allowed myself to expand and grow through the creation of my private coaching practice that helps others connect with their own truth, passion and purpose
  • And I learned the power of working with universal principles and my own inner resources to improve my health and create the material abundance I enjoy (like manifesting cash to pay for our daughter’s country club wedding at a time when both my husband and I were without the security of a corporate paycheck)

So if you’re looking for a proven professional who can guide you to get your life or your organization on the right track, and achieve your goals and dreams in a way that thoroughly delights you, you’ve come to the right place!

My mission is to facilitate the shift in mindset necessary to enable individuals and organizations to move out of “stuck-ness” to become the Deliberate Creators of their ideal state of being.

My commitment is to support you in living your highest and best life with ease, grace and joy.

I help you access the light and truth you hold within, and empower you to express it in alignment with the intentions you are created for:

  • With 20+ years experience facilitating workshops and mentoring children, youth and adults in corporate and local community settings, I have the insight and experience to nurture and activate your dreams
  • As the founder of a non-profit, and as an active member of community organizations focused on Homelessness and Family Violence, I understand that we strengthen communities by helping individuals align with their truth
  • As an entrepreneur, I know the power of connecting with the resources we each have within
  • As a community speaker, I delight in sparking the imagination of groups like Mensa, Rotary, and health and wellness organizations to recognize and act on the universe of possibilities
  • As a certified Project Manager with 30 years experience in the global IT industry, I have deep perspectives on the thinking patterns that  can derail individual career and corporate success.  It’s about a lot more than just methodology or leadership style. I teach you how to get your thinking patterns in alignment with what you really want, including how to balance your male and female, head and heart decision habits for exceptional results
  • And as a professional Law of Attraction Coach, I am passionate about guiding you and your organization to become the Deliberate Creator of the life and results you really want, quickly and easily.


Today I’m living joyfully in alignment with my dreams, and I can help you do the same.

What results can you expect?  Here’s an example:

My client, I’ll call him Joe, had been unemployed off and on for 4 of the prior 9 years.  He knew what he needed to do to move his career forward, but he couldn’t make it happen.  So he decided to make an investment in himself and work with me.  He was committed and worked hard at learning the tools and techniques I taught him, and did his homework consistently.  In just a few sessions we  identified the underlying belief that was keeping him stuck.  We then worked to build up a new belief system that would support his goals.  Within 2 months of our work together, he hit his goal, and landed his dream job, making more than 6 figures.  In less than a year he received a promotion to national prominence and a raise.  Over the course of his career, this all means something on the order of $2-4M.  From there, the whole trajectory of his life has changed.

What would changing your life mean to you?

Here are some comments on what working with me is like.  And you can click here to read more success stories about the impacts my clients experience.

I acknowledge you and me as a team.  “When the student’s ready the teacher appears.” (Mabel Colllins)  You have imparted great energy, patience, good intuitive listening and targeting my dilemmas;  my knots are beginning to unravel.


I’m happy with the exercise and the impact it is having on my life.  Excited to learn more!  I feel like every time we talk I gain new perspective and feel positive about my future.


I realized after doing the circle exercise with the people in my life that I want to have a really rich, fulfilling life.  I have some ideas on how to do that, and really that mentality of just getting out and doing more instead of thinking about all the reasons I can’t or shouldn’t has helped me a lot.


Sooooo appreciative.  I felt lost and now I found “it.”


You emulate (walk the walk, talk the talk) accurately the principles and processes of Law of Attraction and successfully are able to inspire others to integrate this successfully.  Congratulations on that achievement.  It is blessed.


You did an exquisite job at holding a safe space that allowed all those feelings to come up for me.  Looking forward to more.

Check out more Success Stories from my clients to explore how working with me can impact your life.


What sets me apart from other coaches?

In a nutshell, I get to the root of the issue.

In my experience, you can change your diet and exercise habits, read book after book on dating and career success, and take class after class on money management, only to discover that none of those things are actually working for you.

The reason?  Because every time you turn around, there you are!

In other words, your results are produced by what you unconsciously believe, and who you are unconsciously being.

You can work on manipulating your symptoms all you want, but in the end, they will always return to alignment with who you are.

The point is, you can change the design of your roof, but it will keep falling down until you rebuild the foundation and walls needed to hold it up.

In the end, the only way to get the results you really want is to become the person who produces those results.

That takes self-awareness, skills, tools and practice.  And that’s where I come in.

I’m here to teach you, support you and hold you accountable for becoming the person who achieves your goals and dreams.

And just like learning any other skill, you know that working with the right coach can get you there faster and easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

From there, life flows.

You don’t attract what you desire; you attract what you are – Wayne Dyer

Are you tired of the struggle?  Are you ready to let yourself soar?

You’re already a Powerful Creator.  Are you creating what you really want?

It would be my honor and pleasure to help you live your highest and best life.

Contact Me today to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session.

Let’s continue the conversation so you can be clear on who you really want to be.

Because when you find your flow, life is transformed!

Love and Light,
The Current Coach



  • University of Michigan – Dearborn, B.B.A.
  • Certified Project Manager – Project Management Institute
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach – Quantum Success Coaching Academy