Welcome to a Life Transformed!

Are You…


How long has it been since your life flowed with ease, grace and joy?

Life is a journey, and sometimes we look up to discover…

We’ve somehow gotten off track

Things just aren’t working the way they’re supposed to

There’s something inside, calling us to something greater

Is this you?


The truth is that your physical world (your money, career, relationships, and health) is the perfect expression of your mental, emotional and spiritual state.

What that means is that no matter how hard you work at changing your physical reality, all you’re really doing is working against yourself.

But there’s a better way.

Are you ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat and become the Deliberate Creator of the life you really want?


The Current Coach is all about teaching you the power tools you need to:

  • discover your personal truth, passion and purpose
  • get your mental, emotional and spiritual belief system (aka BS!) in alignment with your goals
  • tap into the gifts, talents and power you’ve been given to build the life you are created to live

From there, life Flows!

Are you serious about moving your life forward in a big way?  

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